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Below is a selective list of major clients who are currently utilising RJEs products and/or services.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia's national public broadcaster. The corporation provides television, radio, online and mobile services throughout metropolitan and regional Australia, as well as overseas through the Australia Network and Radio Australia.

RJE has been developing/supplying Radio program scheduling, switching and routing software to the ABC for the past 25 years and the ABC is currently using 3 RJE software products to broadcast their radio programs.

RJE products being used by the ABC:

  • CRISP - The latest Scheduling/Routing system developed for the ABC. Currently used in all capital cities, with the exception of Sydney

  • ROSS - The ROSS Scheduling/Routing application was developed ten years ago and is still being used in Sydney, until the CRISP system is installed

  • NRS - The NRS system was the first Scheduling/Routing system developed by RJE for the ABC some 20 years ago and it is still being used in Sydney until the CRISP system is installed

ABN AMRO Clearing

ABN AMRO Clearing Asia-Pacific is part of the global clearing business of ABN AMRO and comprises four offices in the region: Hong Kong (which was opened in 1995), Australia (1998), Singapore (2005), and Japan (2008). The Asia-Pacific region has membership on all major exchanges in these countries, clearing exchange-listed instruments such as stocks, futures and options, as well as non-exchange listed investment instruments and alternative products, including bonds, warrants, forex, forwards and energy.

ABN Clearing have been using RJE products for over 10 years

Citigroup Global Markets Australia Pty Limited

Citi is consistently one of the top five brokers as measured by market share on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Citigroup has been using RJE products for over 10 years.

Past Clients that have used RJE products

Macquarie BankMarketConnect Financial Markets API
HSBCMarketConnect Financial Markets API and MCInfo
Nomura BankMarketConnect Financial Markets API and MCInfo
UBSMarketConnect Financial Markets API and ASXTradesET
J P MorganASXTradesET and CHXTradesET
GS JB WereMarketConnect Financial Markets API
Lehman Bros JapanMarketConnect Financial Markets API
Susquehanna PacificMarketConnect Financial Markets API
Channel EMarketConnect Financial Markets API and MCInfo
SBSBroadcasting Scheduling and Switching of Radio Programs
SKY Radio NetworkBroadcasting Scheduling and Switching of Radio Programs